DIY: Get Velvet Nails In 3 Easy Steps!

Forget Minx, velvet is fast becoming the new trend on the NYC streets! When MAC makeup artist Keri Blair debuted the nail art at Ruffian’s spring runway show, women went wild. Now, Tumblr’s frenzied with DIY manuals that’ll show you … Read More

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Heartbreaker - Brandon Williams

We’re dying. D-Y-I-N-G. Brandon ripped out our hearts, stepped all over them with his cranberry velvet Docs and handed them back wrapped in that gorgeous hooded fur jacket. Really. The stylist from Ohio was cruising along Union Square when we … Read More

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The Reformation - Yael Aflalo

It’s underway. (The) Reformation, that is. Crafted by Yael Aflalo and friends, the small collection of well-made, finely-cut pieces has the potential to become NYC’s next big fashion brand. What’s it look like? See above. The gorgeous black cape, skirt … Read More

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Sheer Beauty – Brittany McCall

Simple fact – Brittany’s genuinely gorgeous.  Spotted in front of Opening Ceremony in SoHo, she’s got a stunning DIY-look that uniquely speaks to her vibe. An artist by craft, Brittany created the sheer blue silk skirt herself and it’s a perfect length, cut and color for her figure and tone.  The black velvet top’s a vintage buy (and an upcoming Fall favorite), while the caramel-colored Aldo strappy heels are a chic and versatile choice for skirts or jeans.  No stylist or magazine could make this look…it’s sheer Brittany.