Words You Should Know

Thanks to our monthly-ish list of the newish (and resurrected) words you need to know, you'll learn just how to replace fad terms like "it's lit" with "major" - get your life below!


BernieBro (n):
Middle to upper-class white male with an affinity for Adidas sliders and socks, Ray-Bans around the neck, clothes from J.Crew outlet, and a love of hip-hop. Some BernieBros are "woke", understanding the hierarchical structures created by capitalism, yet many have been criticized for being too privileged to understand how they fit into that structure. The BernieBros made news after whitesplaining why black people need Bernie TO black people and terrorizing women by calling them sexist for wanting to support Hillary Clinton. Smart supporters of Sanders do not ever want to be considered a Bernie Bro.

EX: BernieBro: "Black people should support Bernie over Shillary."
Black person: "That's racist"
BernieBro: "Stop being divisive!"

Minor (adj):
A person, place or thing that is not worth the hype.

Ex: "I feel so guilty canceling this date tonight."
"You met him on Tinder...it's a minor."

Major (adj):
A person, place or thing that is worth the hype. Something that is appropriately all the rage. A new way to say "everything."

Ex: "Do you think this party is worth standing on a line?"
"Absolutely, these parties are major."

Thinking Face Emoji (adj):

Use it when reacting to untrue, dumb, or offensive commentary. When proving a point during a clap-back, you can end your rant with the thinking emoji.

Ex: Anything Donald Trump says:

Ok-RRRR: (adj)
An emphatic okay (completed with a rolling of the Rs)

Ex: "I'm going to Barbados carnival next year with a beaded two piece and feather headdress channeling my inner Rihanna, ok-rrrr!"

Sustivities: (v/adj)
A suspect person's daily activities.

Ex: "Where is she at? She's like 10 hrs late."
"You know, up to her usual sustivities."

Instagal: (adj)
A self-proclaimed Selfie Queen who is famous on Instagram. She posts 3-5 times a day, most #spon posts.

Ex: Every "famous" style blogger.


Boxer Braids: (n)
The incorrect pseudonym lazy writers use to describe what the black community has long referred to as cornrows. Or braids, plaited tight to the scalp. You should know this word, because you should know never to use it.

Ex: "I'm thinking about wearing the Kim Kardashian-style boxer braids."


Bey Emoji: (n)

Sure, at first glance this may look like an innocent bee emoji, but in fact it's the BEY emoji; the official emoji of Beyonce fans who want to attack anyone who remotely throws shade at Queen Beyonce.

EX: Amber Rose's Instagram.



The unofficial title and position to be held by Bill Clinton if Hillary Clinton is elected president.



Mar 21, 2016


Cassandra Alcide