Words You Should Know
Stay Woke

Does "Bye, Felicia" leave a bad taste in your mouth since discovering its orgins in "Straight Outta Compton"? Same. 

Well thanks to our monthly-ish list of the new (and resurrected) words you need to know, you'll learn just how to replace fad terms like "on-fleek", and throw fresh shade at your haters — aka your "opps."


 Netflix and Chill (v):
Bringing a partner into the privacy of your home under the guise of watching Netflix, but really hoping for intimacy before, during, and/or after the movie.  

Ex: "Heyyy, come by and watch Netfix and chill tonight *Devil Emoji*" 

Cool Teen™ (n): 
An influential teenager with a social following well into the thousands. This teen, unlike others (see: basics), owns a closet full of HBA, Supreme, Givenchy, and ShopJeen threads which he/she has procured for ~free~.

Ex: "Whoa. How does this random kid have over 34k Instagram followers? "
"He's not a regular teen, he's a Cool Teen™."

Stay Woke (v):
To be enlightened on all the news 


fit to print, and educated on stories that don't quite make the mainstream narrative (hidden agendas, coded language,  injustices, systematic racism, discrimination, why Taylor Swift is bad for feminism, and the sneaky illuminati shit Facebook does).

Ex: Was it just a coincidence that Taylor Swift's tone-deaf response to Nicki Minaj's tweets coincided with MTV's " White People" documentary? Stay woke. 

Art Ho/Art Hoe (n):
A term created by rapper Babeo Baggins and spearheaded into an art  movement/platform by woke teen, Mars. It refers to a genre that depicts (mostly) WOC superimposed 

among famous works

 or amid luxury. The hashtag, most famous on Tumblr, is meant to dismantle socety's racial bias against black bodies and the negative connotations surrounding black womens' sexuality.

Ex: You see my new Basquiat print? Yes, I'm an #ArtHoe. 

The Opps: (adj)
A hater; the opposite of a friend. The term orignated in Chicago and  was used on Kami de Chukwu's 2012 track,  "Fuck de Opps". 

Ex: I'm getting bad vibes. The opps must have arrived. 

Self-care: (v/adj)
More egregious than "treat yo self", self-care calls for utter indulgence in oneself.  

Ex: "I can't come out tonight, I'm doing a facial mask, drinking wine, and rolling a joint just for me. It's all part of my self-care routine." 

Heauxm:  (adj)
A new take on the common English word "home"; created by pop-star Rihanna.  

Ex: Are you spending the weekend in the city? Nah, I'm going heauxm. 


Internet Curator: (n)
A person once responsible for the concise filtering of content, now internet-speak for plagiarist. An influencer who steals popular jokes/memes/phrases to increase their popularity, and get paid for it. 

Ex: Girl With No Job, Fat Jewish, Fuck Jerry, and Parody Accounts.

The Plug: (n.)
The head honcho. 

Ex:  How do we finesse our way backstage? Don't worry, I'm cool with the plug. 


Hit The Quan: (v) 
Rich Homie Quan busted the new dance move in his "Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)" video, then  iHeart Memphis turned it into a viral dance with his video, "Hit The Quan." 

Ex: You're still doing the naenae?! You need to Hit The Quan! 


Sep 28, 2015


Cassandra Alcide