What Twitter Says About Democratic

Poplitical is a Swagger series that'll examine the intersection of pop-culture and politics. It'll last thorough the 2016 Elections.

The Democratic primary race is tight with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders vying for the lead in New Hampshire and Iowa, while Martin O'Malley attempts to stay voter-relevant despite wading in the single digits.

As we near closer and closer to the elections, we're continuing to zoom in on what Twitter says about Clinton, Sanders and O'Malley as who they follow might give you a better idea of what type of president they could be.

It's been well-documented: We get all our news from the snackable content that makes its way down our social media feeds. In fact, young people painstakingly curate who we're following so that we don't ingest junk from those to whom we're ideologically opposed, or from those who are just, well, basic.

Our worldview, then, becomes shaped by the voices we allow on our timelines.

So, who's informing the worldviews of our presidential candidates? Who are the voices they've chosen to hear from? By scouring the Twitter accounts of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley, we've got a better sense of who, and what, they're about.

Would you vote for the candidates now that you know who they find to be the most influential voices on the 'net?

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Jan 18, 2016


Cassandra Alcide