Cakes Da Killa

#UNFILTERED is a video series featuring NYC creatives, nothing is rehearsed, all we ask is that they're real.

Cakes Da Killa's favorite buzzword is "cunt", a nod to the NYC collective, CUNT MAFIA, but also a pithy descriptor that reflects the rapper's disposition. He's unapologetic, hardly lacking any confidence and quick with a retort. Cakes is a carry — but in the best way possible.

The Bushwick-based spitter's metoric rise from YouTube rapper— Cakes initially uploaded his raps to prove to straight counterparts that yeah, a gay kid from Jersey can drop spitfire bars— to Redbull music artist is partly due to Cakes' lack of filter, an innate ability to come raw and real on a track, or face-to-face. With the release of his latest remastered EP, Hunger Pangs, and most recently a spot on VH1's "LHH: Out In Hip Hop" panel, Cakes' slayage doesn't seem to be slowing anytime soon.

Watch our #Unfiltered segment with Cakes Da Killa below where he talks hitting the glass ceiling of the "queer" rap genre, the opps, and phobias outside of hip hop.

Part I:

Haters aka The Opps

Part II: Categorizing rap music by openly gay artists as "queer" rap

Part III: Homophobia in hip-hop

Photo of Cakes via Ryan Jay


Nov 3, 2015


Cassandra Alcide