Jorge 'Gitoo' Wright

#UNFILTERED is a video series featuring NYC creatives, nothing is rehearsed, all we ask is that they're real.

As he tells it, Jorge Gitoo Wright "dabbles."

The Brooklyn-bred scene-fixture models, recently fronting Marc Jacobs's spring campaign; he markets, teaming up with various brands to promote sneakers, or tees, or parties; he's a muse, sending Instagram followers to up-and-coming photographers just by posing; and, he plays official host to some of the city's most exclusive parties like Up & Down's weekly DUH, or AfroPunk's most recent festival.

All this dabbling has made Wright an "influencer," the term du moment of a digital star with 23k followers. But unlike his peers who carefully craft an image that's sellable to brands, Jorge commits to "not giving a fuck." A recent scan of Wright's Instagram feed shows him smoking a joint, turning up in a middle of the MoMa PS1 crowd, "on [his] way to VIP", and double fisting "in the club like." It's that sense of freedom that makes him so magnetic, especially on social.

For our #Unfiltered video series, we sat down with Jorge to get a sense of who he is outside of our Instagram feeds, and what sets him apart from the millions of social media influencers. Watch below:


What's it actually like to party with Jorge?  Since we couldn't smuggle in cameras to various clubs —yes, we tried!— we dispatched  NYC-based artist Pauline De Roussy De Sales to reimagine her night out with him and his #squad at a recent Lady Fag Holy Mountain rave. Here's how they turn up:

Prepping for a long night, Jorge goes through various clothing changes before deciding on the perfect look: A loose fitting USA shirt, light jeans, and high-tops.

One final look in the mirror before the Uber arrives.

Jorge and his #squad at his apartment in Brooklyn. Drinks, and smokes are passed.

The ride to work. Jorge has promoted Holy Mountain for a week now, and he'll remain at the club for hours to greet those on his list.

Holy Mountain, held at a club in Chelsea, has a tough door.

Jorge and his #squad post-up in a corner booth, with a bottle of Vodka and lingering guests.   

A dance with good friend, Laina Berry.

Photos as the night continues on.

Most guests were dressed in HBA, Opening Ceremony, and thrifted goods. But some opted for spectacular, over-the-top numbers.


Sep 16, 2015


Swagger NYC