, we reconnect with some of our favorite street style stars to get an update on how their lives have changed in 2015.

1. How has your style changed since 2010, when we snapped you?
I've hit my 10 year mark in New York City, which unlocked a secret door in my head telling me to wear black with color or shiny accents for instant style magic. 

2. What is the most important news story today in your opinion?
Any dog or cat blog is all I follow and anything of female empowerment with some business savvy. 

3. What are you up to now? You were running your own jewlery company, VERAMEAT back then.
VeraMeat as usual.  I'm also working on a movie Salad Days, and making some Bill Murray art shirts, totes and more. Get them on verameat.com

4. Is street style dead? 
In New York, most people dress to be seen even when walking to get tea. I'm a big fan of art kids in New York pushing the envelope. Street style will be around as long as humans are around, it's inspiring.

5. What is your one high and one low since last being featured on Swagger?
High: I opened 2 more VeraMeat store locations, one on 305 E 9th St and one in Williamsburg on 132 N 5th Street near Bedford.
Low: I wasn't able to spend the winter in LA as usual and almost froze to death this NY winter.

6. Since we are going to save these responses for our Vault, where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Expanding the VeraMeat accessories collection, making more fun Youtube video's for our VeraMeat channel and hopefully putting out the Salad Days film. Editing and post production takes easily 5 years so that will keep me busy for awhile! 

7. Where can we find you on social media?
Instagram: VeraMeat 


Sep 24, 2015


Chelsea Pinky