For SwaggerVault, we reconnect with some of our favorite street style stars to get an update on how their lives have changed in 2015. Today, we catch up with stylist, Rika Nurrohmah.

1. How has your style changed since we last saw you in 2011?
My style definitely cleaned up and fine-edited in the past year. Through assisting stylists and going through the production of prepping and editing down clothing for a particular concept or visual direction, I’ve applied that same philosophy to my own wardrobe.

Rika's street style portrait in 2011. Photo via Brandon Isralsky/Swagger
2. What is the most important news story today in your opinion?
Currently on the forefront of my mind is the Senate’s attempt to defund Planned
Parenthood. How ridiculous is it that these old men are trying to turn back the clock and establish this old world control on women in 2015? Senator Elizabeth Warren's speech ridiculing this bill knocked it out of the ball park.

3. What are you up to now?
I’m a freelance stylist assistant to a handful of very talented stylists based in New York and LA, and I love it! Most of what I do concentrates on celebrities, music, editorials, and advertising. It can be stressful and physically demanding (that 15lb. pair of beaded Balmain pants won’t carry itself), but I love thriving in a creative environment where talented people collaborate and create a beautiful product. It’s surreal to me the experiences I encounter walking into “the office” - which can sometimes be the penthouse of an A-list celebrity.

4. Where can we find you on social media?
I have an instagram @velvetmourning and Twitter @letoilesnoirs, that I’ve slowly grown more active on. There’s more going on in the Insta, but it’s not really fashion-related.

5. We first photographed you on the street in 2011. As of now, is street style dead? Why or why not?
It got to the point where the presence of street style on the internet felt duplicated and saturated. Blogs [featured] everyone wearing the same designers in the same combination, there was little to be inspired by. Now [street style] is more about the person and personality, and therefore elevates a personal style that is more appealing. So, no, street style is not dead.

6. What is your one high and one low in 2015?
This has been a great year, work-wise. So in that context I’ve been high a lot, haha.
High: I worked with dressing Ciara for her performance at BET's Black Girls Rock show. It was my first recorded show experience, and working with someone who I feel is an amazing artist, I did not want to disappoint. There were some wardrobe difficulties with her outfit right before she had to step on stage to perform, which stressed me out a bit. In the end, Ciara looked great and it was certainly a night for the books.
Low: I've forgotten about them at this point.

7. Since we are going to save these responses for our Vault, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Styilst to some awesome clients. I'll probably get back into writing, philanthropy and social work of some sort because I love giving back to the community. Finally participate in the New York Marathon and be invovlved in health and holistic living because I’m such a health nut.

Wherever this wave takes me, I got my board ready.


Oct 1, 2015


Chelsea Pinky