The Blind Barber's 
Jeffrey Laub



, we reconnect with some of our favorite street style stars to get an update on how their lives have changed in 2015.

1. How has your style changed since we saw you last in 2011?
Way more simple these days.  I find myself simply picking some straight-leg pants, a comfortable pocket T, tucked in with a pair of suede bucks.  I basically have a uniform for life. 

2. Most important news story today in your opinion?
Man, that is a tough one.  I think there is so much happening and changing around us that every day there is a new story, idea or thought that has penetrated the news.  This one might be too deep for me to get in to.  

3. Is street style dead? 
I just got back from Pitti in Florence and they were all definitely still snapping away.   

Jeff for the New York Times

4. What are you up to now?
Same ol' just slowly trying to make more friends through the Blind Barber business.  We recently celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary in our new Brooklyn location and also launched an Auto-Replenishment Program for our grooming line called The Regimen. 

5.   Since we're going to save these responses for our Vault, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
10 lbs heavier, living in LA with a new Blind Barber Concept, Blind Barber product distributed worldwide, and possibly starting a family at that point. 

6. What is your one high and one low since last being featured on Swagger?
High:  Getting married and having the whole Blind Barber family there alongside my wife and me. Low:  The AC broke this past week and it was about 90 degrees in the coffee shop at the BK Blind Barber. 

7. Where can we find you on social media?


Aug 24, 2015


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