, we reconnect with some of our favorite street style stars to get an update on how their lives have changed in 2015. Today we catch up with artist, Asha Hadiyah.

1. How has your style changed since 2011, when we snapped you?
I was extremely self conscious about being short. I would leave the house in heels, literally every single day, even in a snow storm. You would never catch me without a chunky heel, a bindi, white decorative dots lining the cheeks on my face (inspired by Fela Kuit’s Queens). I still incorporate these aspects into my style, but I’ve toned it down a bit.

2. What is the most important news story today in your opinion?
Anything that has to do with the presidential election. It is important as young people to start developing our own views and opinions on things, without piggybacking off of what our parents (although we love them) have told us.

Asha Hadiyah in 2011 for Swagger New York.

3. What are you up to now?
I recently finished a project called “The Emcee Memoirs: A Cinematic LP”, a cinematic story told in the form of a full length album, through rap and spoken word, as well as a short film. I worked with a small group of amazingly talented artists on this project, who are now family, and would like to continue moving in this direction. The release date is not confirmed, but readers can find more information on the project and cast here.

4. We first photographed you on the street. Is street style dead? Why or why not?
Growing up in DC, street style was not a part of the city or culture at all, at least not to my knowledge. I have been a little out of the loop when it comes to the world of street style as of late, but it's definitely not dead in New York, especially not in Brooklyn. I see some inspiring street style on my New School campus.

5. What is your one high and one low in 2015?
My one high would definitely be getting Baptized this past April.
My most memorable low would be having to walk to the food pantry last winter for dinner. It was up the street from the same church I got Baptized in months later. I also see that situation as a humbling moment which is always a blessing, and I am very thankful to have experienced that.

6. Since we are going to save these responses for our Vault, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
This question represents one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in 2015: You neve know. God’s timing for your visions to manifest is better than any timing you may have planned for yourself.

7. Where can we find you on social media?
Facebook: Asha Noni Hadiyah


Oct 28, 2015


Cassandra Alcide