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, we reconnect with some of our favorite street style stars to get an update on how their lives have changed in 2015. Today we catch up with artist/actor Avery Noyes.

1. How has your style changed since 2011, when we snapped you?
Honestly I think it's becoming more about comfort and practicality as I get older. Like nothing beats a classic plair of Levis and a nice clean t-shirt. But you gotta add a little something that makes it special.

2. What is the most important news story today in your opinion?
There isn't one single story that is most important, everything is connected. My heart goes out to every unarmed person murdered by police, to every trans woman murdered, and every single person affected by U.S. imperialism and the rise of the Islamic State.

Avery for Swagger New York in 2011 Photo via Brandon Isralsky

3. What are you up to now?
Acting in an original webseries from VFILES called Invader Kim. It's been super fun and is going to be hilarious! The show is premiering in spring. I'm also working on lots of designs and collaborations with amazingly talented friends, so look out ;)

4. Are you on social media?

5. We first photographed you on the street. Is street style dead? Why or why not?
In a way, yah. Big brand fashion has [a heavy] hand in street style now, people are paid to promote on Instagram, Twitter etc. Street style was originally meant to be unique and rebellious, now it's advertisement and fuccboi brand-name bragging :/ .
Style should not be an advertisement of how much excess money you can spend. With money, anyone can look halfway decent.

6. What is your one high and one low in 2015?
High: Definitely having my work for my friends Ammerman Schösberg be included in the Opening Ceremony blog, as well has being sold in the store!

Low: Being in between jobs at certain points in 2015 with no financial security, and the anxiety that comes with it. Also, graduating from school and realizing the crippling amount of debt I have accrued!

7. Since we are going to save these responses for our Vault, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Having a solo art show in New York, designing more collections sold in stores across the globe, acting in films by talented friends, being able to travel for work internationally! :)

Main photo via Avery Noyes


Jan 14, 2016


Swagger NYC