In childhood, there's nothing perverted about candy. Those bitty bites of sucrose are simple pleasures: bright, tasty, colorful, and sticky. But as we mature, bon bons take on new meaning. Lollipops become foreplay essentials, Twizzlers turn to nighttime whips, and our resulting salivations become erotica.

In our first photo series, we've pressed fast-forward on our young fascination with candy to capture the intersection of sucrose and sex.

Shot by Ryan Jay, and featuring Nellie Blue and Malik Winslow in jewlery by Vera Meat, enjoy Swagger's 'Sugar High'.

Malik in Vintage Harley Davidson jacket, Vera Meat Hand + Hand Of God Necklace, Atomic Ball candies

Nellie Blue in vintage moto, Vera Meat Dino Claw Hugs Ring, Green Apple Jolly Rancher Pops

Malik and Nellie (own clothing), Twizzlers

Malik, Nerds

Nellie Blue, Vera Meat Jewelry, Black Twizzlers


Oct 29, 2015


Sian-Pierre Regis