Stream + Repeat: Tinashe's "Joyride" Track Rihanna Snatched


Sep 7, 2016


Cass Alcide

"Stream + Repeat" is a weekly series in which we share four tracks/visuals we can't get enough of, and the lyrics that got us like, yesssss. First up is Tinashe ft. Travis Scott's "Joyride," the track exclusively written for Tinashe until Rihanna allegedly snatched it.

I been rock and rollin' with my ex
We be gettin' closer to the x
We be always poppin' like the ex
Crossin' out the haters with the x.
Tinashe ft. Travis Scott - "Joyride"

Ignorance puts your mind at ease.
Dom Zilla - "Holding"

Call me when you feel right
I can be the one to hold you just
The way that you like.
Pional ft. Empress Of - “The Way That You Like"

If you aint where you wanna be, why the fuck are you chillen?
DeJ Loaf - "Snakes"