New York's A Playground
A Recap of The City Summer In Polaroids

Images via Nicholas Hiltner@NickyHiltner

Playgrounds aren't always what you think they are —swings, monkey bars, hyperactive  kids, and hipster nannies. And so we charged artist Nicholas Hiltner with capturing the 212-playtimes that we're often too busy, or too jaded, to notice. With both a Spectra SE and an SX-70  camera, Hiltner caught moments of kid-like life at raves, pool halls, parades, and, yes, even Times Square. 

Revisit #PeakSummer through the artist's lens in our gallery.

Captions via @NickyHiltner, images shot with a Spectra SE and an SX-70


Sep 8, 2015


Swagger and Nicky Hiltner