Photo by Kevin Mazur (GETTY for Anheuser Busch)

Overheard in NYC: Beyonce Prepping Las Vegas Performance?


Sep 24, 2015


Swagger NYC

Did mere mortals spill the beans on Queen Beyonce's secret Las Vegas performance?

Here's the deal: I was in Chelsea Market last night (Wed), when two colleagues were discussing a matter I FELT I NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT. "I'm just putting finishing touches on 'Feelin' Myself' and 'Flawless'", one said quietly to the other. I thought to myself OK, Youtube is nearby, so maybe they're talking about making a video for 'Yonce, which was fast negated when I realized that, DUH, she already created those videos. I sidled up next to them without being too conspicuous. 

They continued. "So happy you're on the project. This weekend's Global Citizen festival is the bigger one." THAT WAS WHEN I KNEW WE WERE TALKING PRESENT-DAY BEYONCE, and that these were, in some way, members of her production team. 
As you might know, Beyonce will be performing this weekend at the Global Citizen's Festival in Central Park, a music concert centered around ending global poverty by 2030.  But, who cares about this weekend's pre-announced concert, let's get to the real scoop.

"Are you going to Vegas?", one of the production members asked. "It's a smaller production. No smoke box, or anyting just an LED screen." They were discussing a stage set and/or visuals, and talking LAS VEGAS. So, could Beyonce be performing in Vegas? And for what? 

The Life Is Beautiful festival is happening this weekend...could she be flying in for a special performance on Sunday (alongside Kendrick Lamar)? Could she be performing at a private concert that we'll never know about? As of now, the singer has no scheduled performances after Global Citizen' what could they have been talking about? Discuss.

Also, Beyonce, should this "Overheard in NYC" be true, please do not fire your staff. For mere mortals know not the implications of speaking in public.