Pumpkin Spice:
An Investigation

Blame Starbucks: It's pumpkin-spice season.

As the chill begins to set in across the city, the coffee chain has reintroduced its famous pumpkin spice lattes - known by 20 million annual consumers as 'PSLs' - and announced that FINALLY they will be made with real pumpkins! So, you might ask, what were they made of before?


Over the last week, we rummaged through the aisles of supermarkets, fast food spots, and tea shops to get the low-down on the PSL craze. How has the famous drink spawned hot items like pumpkin spiced salmon? And, most importantly, ARE THERE ANY ACTUAL PUMPKINS IN ANYTHING? Below, our investigation along with emoji ratings based on actual pumpkin content for some of your fave items.

Happy Fall!


Oct 2, 2015


Cassandra Alcide