2015's Most Controversial Moments

In 2015, "political correctness" was both embraced and reviled. Presidential candidate Donald Trump spent much of the year ahead in the polls by being anything but PC. He offended Muslims, Mexicans and the disabled in what seemed, at points, like an unhinged (but successful) race to the capitol.

But Trump's not the only one who waded into offensive waters in 2015. Giuliana Rancic was dragged for her comments about Zendaya's "weed" locks, Twitter trolls were lambasted for comparing an ISIS trainee to Drake, and one professor at Yale made a splash when she promoted tension among the university's student body.

We polled 100 Swagger fans on which of these moments from 2015 were "Over the line" (actually offensive), "On The Line" ("understandably offensive to some") or "Under the line" (made a big deal when they really weren't). Here are their responses.

Twitter Makes Drake An ISIS Member

Social media went into overdrive when a screenshot of an ISIS member in training, who looked like Drake, circulated. Why celebrate, or give steam to, ISIS with the association, many asked.

Fan Quote: "At best it's a funny doppelgänger of an Internet sensation, at worst a humanizing reminder that as evil as ISIS is, the kids getting lured into it are still just kids."

Rating: On The Line

Giuliana Rancic Makes Hair Joke

After an awards show, E! news host Giuliana Rancic suggested on "Fashion Police" that actress Zendaya's dreadlocks were a bad fit...and made her look as if she smelled like "patchouli...or weed", a reference to Rastafarianism. Twitter were up in arms asking how the host could associate a drug with a hair style.

Fan Quote: "I took more offense with the fact that Giuliana Rancic could be so ignorant and flippant with her words than the actual comment itself. As a public figure (and to some influential), it's unreal that she wouldn't choose her words more wisely. "

Rating: Over The Line

Target's "OCD" Sweater

Target was asked to pull this sweater off its shelves after mental illness allies remarked that it "mocked" a very real disorder.

Fan Quote: "I don't think this is poking fun at OCD, it's poking fun at people that are obsessed with Christmas." And "SO DUMB."

Rating: Under The Line

Yale Professor Causes Tension On Campus

After a Yale university committee sent out a campus-wide email asking for students to steer away from racially insensitive costumes on Halloween, one professor retorted. She encouraged young people to make these type of mistakes so that the campus could have a discourse about problematic behavior before hitting the real world.

Fan Quote: "This seems ridiculous if people want to be ignorant and deal with the ramifications, fine, but encouraging them to be stupid and forcing awkward convos seems to ask for a problem."

Rating: On The Line

Sex Toy Fat-Shames For Sales

Fifi, a sex toy for men, decided to rail against plus-sized women in their most recent ad. It features a heavyset woman in sexy clothing next to a self-pleasuring toy and states, "Make The Right Decision."

Fan Quote: "This is just messed up!"

Rating: Over The Line


Dec 31, 2015


Sian-Pierre Regis