Deconstructing The Artist:
Mr. B Reimagines Fashion's Greats

Deconstructing The Artist is an ongoing series in which we break down a rising artist's work and, through conversation, get a sense of what drives them to create.

If you've wandered below 14th Street, across the cobblestones of SoHo, or through the bustle of Canal Street, you've likely passed the hand of Mr. B. The street artist, raised on Staten Island, focuses much of his work around consumerism and the female body: Pixellated breasts lay bare across the sides of buildings, pouty lips from fashion ads protrude through wheat-paste, and spray-painted lookbooks redefine the female form to better reflect what he calls "the truth."

After receiving his Master's from SVA in the Spring, Mr. B has ramped up his artistic output, defacing and reimagining posters on city blocks, and upcycling fashion ads to give them a moodier, and often brighter, facelift.

"[After graduating], I needed some kind of canvas to draw on continuously, and so I picked up the September issue of Vogue." Its given him hundreds of glossy ad pages to remake, but also compelled him to put forth his own artistic truth. "We see a photograph, and believe the document reflects truth," he says. "But actually that high-fashion shot has been photoshopped for hours to the point that it's no longer a photo of a model, but an illustration of capitalist gain."

With his spray paint, acrylics, dyes, and tape, Mr. B spends hours on each ad to recreate, once again, the woman behind the lens. To add another level of "lie", as he calls it, to the once-present truth. "Or, in any case, my truth," he added.

For Deconstructing The Artist, we asked Mr. B to re-create 5 images from this season's most memorable fashion covers or spreads. Here's the before and after.

Rihanna T Magazine "The Greats", Reimagined by Mr. B

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton, Reimagined by Mr. B

Kendall Jenner for Fendi, Reimagined by Mr. B

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Ad, Reimagined by Mr. B

Naomi Campbell for La Perla, Reimagined by Mr. B


Nov 2, 2015


Sian-Pierre Regis