Deconstructing The Artist is an ongoing series in which we break down a rising artist's work and, through conversation, get a sense of what drives them to create.

Jeff McCarthy is the Los Angeles-based artist behind Celebs on Sandwiches, a distinct collection of watercolor prints that fuse the best of today's pop-culture: #foodporn, #celebrity, and #WhatsTrending. Take Drake squirting mustard over his Canadian bacon, for example, or Ilana Glazer posted up on a "garbage bagel", inspired by the 'Lock Out' episode from season one of "Broad City", or even Drew Barrymore standing tall on a grilled mac and cheese. (The actress regrammed the print btw, professing her love for the gooey snack).

Below, we vibe over our obsessions with pop-culture, the success of McCarthy's quirky concept, and Aziz Ansari's food-porn Instagram.

Why celebrities on sandwiches?

"I'd been following Aziz Ansari on Instagram. He's known to showcase his love of food and different restaurants around NY and LA. I thought it would be funny to paint him on one of his favorite sandwiches. So I did, and the series was born soon after that. Instagram felt like the perfect venue for it."

Are the types of sammies indicative of the figure's persona?

"Definitely. Or at least what I think would be fitting for their persona. Nick Offerman on a towering bacon sandwich, for example, it just made sense. It can also be really specific...either a favorite sandwich or something that they've talked about before."

On the concept behind Celebs on Sandwiches
"I try to keep the original idea consistent across all of them. It's not meant to have any hidden meaning or irony behind any of the pieces. Our culture's obsession with celebrity is crazy, so I really just wanted to bring some humor and absurdity to it."

Describe your process in one word


Mar 30, 2016


Cassandra Alcide