Brothers From Different Mothers

Find Their ROOTS


On paper, there’s little difference between me and my half-brother, Joe. We were born the same year, in the same city, to the same dad. We both went to private colleges, made friends with an overlapping network, and moved to New York on a mission to thrive.

But we are worlds apart: He’s a suited-up banker with a soft-spot for sports, and I’m a free-spirited storyteller with a


soft spot for style. Oh, and we have two different moms.

How did their separate DNAs effect who Joe and I have become today? And how much of who we are can be chalked up to nature vs. nurture? We’re partnering with

ROOTS the miniseries, premiering on HISTORY, and DNA testing service

23 and Me

to find out.

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll release 2 videos that delve into our similarities and differences, and we’ll break down what traits can be traced back to our ancestors and which ones are tied closer to our separate upbringings.

It’s a powerful deep dive that’ll hopefully bring us closer together, even as we chart very different paths.

Check back for more, and make sure to tune into ROOTS the miniseries on May 30th


This post was created in partnership with ROOTS the miniseries.


May 18, 2016


Sian-Pierre Regis