Horror Icons Dress Up For Halloween:
A Swagger Exclusive

Coming up with our next illustration series is stressful! We're always trying to outdo our last viral hit. First, we had those fashionable NYFW characters from the 90s, then those pop-cultural holiday cards. But Halloween's a hard one. The online chatter is loud, and cluttered, with costumes, makeup, and more. So we decided to keep this one simple: What would our favorite horror icons dress up as if they were celebrating Halloween? Who would they hang out with? What would their night look like?

And so we teamed up with a very talented young illustrator, Catienna Regis, to bring Freddy, Wednesday, Morticia, and Frankenstein to life. Enjoy, and share, with the hashtag #HorrorHalloween

Morticia & Wednesday as Kim & Kylie

Illustration by Catienna Regis for SWAGGER

Freddy Courts Grace Jones After-Hours

Illustration by Catienna Regis for SWAGGER

Frankenstein's Turn As David Bowie

Illustration by Catienna Regis for SWAGGER


Oct 30, 2015


Sian-Pierre Regis