There is no morning sammy more ubiquitous in NYC than the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese. The gooey, greasy goodness is so celebrated, in fact, that it now boasts its own cafe: B.E.C., located on 8th Avenue in Chelsea.

But in an attempt to find more affordable #eeeats (B.E.C.'s choices range from a costly $8.50-$11.50),  we scoured bodegas in downtown Manhattan for the most delicious breakfast/hangover mash-ups. Four stood out for reasons ranging from the bacon's crisp  (don't you hate getting a bacon fat, egg and cheese?), to the perfect egg-to-cheese-ratio. Here's where to get your hands on the holy trinity for less than your daily commute.

4. TriBeCa Bagels, 374 Canal St.
PRICE: $ 4.90

Despite its post on one of the meanest streets in New York - or maybe, America? - TriBeCa bagels has


nicest staff of any bodega spot we tested. But it's their standard BEC that deserves real praise. Made with toasted bread that packs the perfect amount of crunch, four slices of meaty bacon, and an overdose of fried eggs, the sandwich is a standout best suited for your AM hunger pangs. Ask for a pepper packet from the cashier for added zing.

3.  Union Square One Stop, Tobacco News & Cafe, 141 4th Ave
PRICE: $4.17

Located at the back of a narrow magazine shop, this Union Square bec is made on a 2x2 foot griddle. The bread is toasted one one side as eggs are cracked and scrambled on the other. Three pieces of what tastes like smoked bacon join two slices of the gooiest yellow cheese atop the egg for just over a minute before the sammy is strategically pieced together in the cafe's tiny back space. The bread here is a tad bit thicker than most others, so if you're on that low-carb grind, take a pass.

2.    North Village Deli Emporium, 74 8th Avenue b/t 13 St. & Avenue of The Americas
PRICE: $5.17 

Consider this the bec of your hangover dreams. That's because the bacon is nearly all fat, the untoasted roll is thickly sliced, and the eggs are overflowing. It's not anything pretty, but it sure does go down well with 2 advil, Pedialyte, and a prayer.

1. Sunny and Annie's, 94 Ave B, East Village
PRICE: $3.26

Hands down, the best bodega bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich in the city. Finely whipped eggs meet melted cheese, layered beneath a bed of high-grade bacon (none of that fatty stuff here) for a trinity worth far more than its $4 price tag. Don't miss out on this East Village spot...it just might become  your breakfast, lunch, and dinner staple.