or Jackhammer?

SP is Swagger's editor. Over the next 30 days, he is living out his passion of "people, storytelling, and the camera" by uploading 30 videos to his personal platforms. Each day, he will tell an intimate story, or interview someone about an issue he knows little about. Aside from Swagger, you can find him across TV, primarily on HLN or CNN, or digitally on various Time Inc. programs. Upload your passions via the hashtag #30DaysOfPassion.

Sometimes, I find myself judging my success on the accomplishments of those around me. My network is chock-full of doers, people who have found their passions and are living them out. The wanderlusts are traveling the world, the homemakers are buying properties, and the rockstars are selling out shows or selling their companies.

I'm doing lots of things that never, to me, amount to the success that many are experiencing in their lives. Recently, a friend described to me the different ways of living life: Either you flit like a hummingbird or you drill like a jackhammer. Watch the video, and decide how you live your life...and, most importantly, how not to live your every day.



Dec 2, 2015


Sian-Pierre Regis