A Night Out:
Remy Duran x
Hoppr by Absolut

A few things you should be 'up' on going into the New Year. First, there's a new party in town that will soon replace the hype of Westway's infamous, and selective, Westgay. It's Frankie's Jane, and we found out about it thanks to fashion designer Remy Duran who let us tag along with him as he used Hoppr by Absolut, a new mobile site that allows you to find parties in your neighborhood, or even roll with a new crew to a NYC hotspot, with the swipe of a finger. Say all your friends are staying in, and you want to turn up, log in to Hoppr by Absolut and get a list of all the parties happening in your area that are welcoming guests. Or start your own party, and invite a crew of cool New Yorkers over before an epic night out.

Back to our night out with Remy: Pulling together the most downtown boys and (and some girls) for a sweaty dance party and avant fashion-spotting, the party exemplified everything that makes New York special: cutting-edge fashion, a stunner of a crowd, and a sense that all types are welcome. As usual, Remy, the fashion designer behind ADEEN, was the scene-stealer. See our photo-journal below to see how he made the night "Electrik", and test out Hoppr by Absolut to get your party started!

Our epic night out was produced in partnership with Absolut. Please drink responsibly.

9:45p, Tuesday:
"Heading to my boy David's house in the East Village for a couple Absolut cocktails before we head out."

All Photos Via Ryan Jay for SWAGGER

10:30p: "Checking my phone to see what's lit in my area with Hoppr by Absolut. Might be worth stopping by a party before Frankie's party in a bit."

12A: "We arrive At Frankie's. It's a new party that gets wild at the Jane. It's hosted by the famous Frankie Sharp. Starts to get crazy around 1AM."


Dec 15, 2015


Sian-Pierre Regis