5@5:'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' Gets A 2015 Reboot, Sort Of


Sep 11, 2015


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What Would The 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Cast Wear Today? 

via Leland Foster 

For the 25th anniversary of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air', illustrator Leland Foster celebrated the cast's dress game by teaming up with Lyst to reimagine what the Banks family would look in like 2015. In the photos, along with present-day tech, Ashley flexes a sleek natural look, Hilary is decked in Moschino and Will is basically Jaden Smith.  (Via: Design Boom)


Uncool Parents Force Very Cool Teacher To Remove Kanye West Shrine From Classroom

via: Team Kanye West Daily

Adrian Perez, a teacher at McCable Elementary school in Mendoza, California used the college dropout to keep kids in school by decorating his classroom's activity wall with West references like, "What Did I Learn All Day, All Day" and "Story of a Champion" — Amazin' idea right? Wrong. Parents weren't here for it, and due to mounting complaints, the administration has forced Perez to remove Kanye inspo from the classroom. :(  (Via: The Independent)


US Open 2015: Roberta Vinci Defeats Serena Williams

via Getty 

Serena Williams' slay spree was cut short today when unseeded Italian Roberta Vinci killed queen S's chances of completing a calender Grand Slam. 

Much like last night, Serena is still not here for basic press questions. 
(Via: ESPN)


Someone Make This Trend Sweeping China Stop

Thought #Bonnetcore was weird as fuck? The latest trend sweeping China is #sproutcore, or attaching real or fake beansprouts to headbands and barrettes for a super kewt look. Take a glance at the #sproutcore hashtag to see the madness for yourself.  (Via: Instagam)


Jay Z's  'The Blueprint' Turns 15 Today 

via RocaFella

Revisit the critically acclaimed album and #FBF to when Destiny's Child made a cameo in "Izzo (H.O.V.A)". 


Sep 11, 2015


Swagger NYC