Mar 3

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Are Female Emojis Stereotyping Women? 54% Women Say Yes

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I know you love flexing the hair flip emoji, but as Always - yes, the feminine hygiene folks - found out in a recent study, #NotAllWomen are cool with how their gender is being represented in the emoji library. As part of its epic #LikeAGirl campaign, the brand surveyed 1,006 women between the ages of 16-24 to find whether young women found themselves or their interests/professions portrayed in the range of gendered emojis. According to the survey, 54% believe that female emojis are stereotypical, 76% say they should not only be portrayed doing feminine activities such as getting their haircut or manicures.

The numbers aren't all that surprising though. In the present emoji library, you'll see that men are assigned the roles of police officer, bodybuilder, cyclist, basketball player, detective, equestrian etc. Meanwhile women are limited in what they can do in emoji world, including being a mother, a bride, a dancer in a red dress, and an extra in the "Single Ladies" video. Damn, Unicode, can you at least throw us a business woman in an outfit that's not pink? (via: Business Wire)


Tyler the Creator And A$AP Rocky Remixed Kanye's "Freestyle 4" And A Crazy Studio Session Party Ensued

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Zara Releases Its "Ungendered" Line

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Zara is the first fast-fashion store to include a gender neutral range of apparel for its gender non-conforming audience. You can see the line here.


Did Tom Brady Help Donald Trump Win The Massachusetts Primary?


Tom Brady doesn't even have to publicly endorse Donald Trump for prez, because according to the presidential candidate, Brady served as an "enormous help" to his victory in Massachusetts. Via NYT:

"A reference like Tom Brady saying Trump’s the biggest winner, Trump is a friend of mine, that makes an incredible difference,” he told the New York Times last night.
“Tom Brady is a great friend of mine. He’s a winner and he likes winners. He was very helpful to us in Massachusetts on Tuesday.”

Since Trump announced his candidacy, Brady has spoken highly of his own friendship with the entrepreneur. And then there was the time the Patriots QB had a "Make America Great Again" hat in his locker - mad signs that Brady is in fact a Trump fan. Yikes.

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Listen To Jack Garratt's Remix To "Worry" Ft. Anderson .Paak


Mar 3, 2016


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