5@5: Women Wear Women On The Rick Owens Runway


Oct 1, 2015


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This Is Why Everyone Is Talking About Peeple

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Peeple, the "positivity app" which sounds more like a mean girls' Burn Book will allow users to add humans to a database and rank and review them as if they were a restaurant. That's actually how one of the founders, Julia Cordray, pitched the app noting, “If we have it for restaurants, why [don’t] we have it for people?” MAYBE BECAUSE RESTAURANTS DON'T HAVE REAL FEELINGS?

Once users —who must be 21 and have a Facebook account— enter the phone number and name of the person they wish rate, that person is added to the Peeple database and rated on a five-star scale in one of the three categories: romantic, professional and personal. Positive ratings are automatically published to the platform and negative ratings are queued in an inbox for 48 hours. Once the shade is published to Peeple, it can't be deleted. If you're not a user you can only view positive reviews about yourself.

Idk, about this one guys but should you want to rate your friends, the app hits the iOS store in November. I guess there's no time better than the holidays to scale down your squad. (via: Washington Post)


Robyn Surprises Fans With A Secret Release Under Her Pseudonym Nixxie

Robyn released some new music and you didn't even know it. As Brooklyn Vegan points out, the soundtrack for the film Partisan features a bunch of new jams from artists performing under aliases, including Jarvis Cocker, Jason Buckle and Sebastien Tellier.  For the stunning single,

“The Hardest Thing To Do”, 

Metronomy's Joseph Mount and Robyn team up as the supergroup, Troy Primo and Nixxie. Watch the video below: 


Rick Owens Dresses Women In Other Women For SS16

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Rick Owens' fashion shows are always....something else. There was the fall/winter 2015 menswear show where he sent dicks flopping down the runway, the slightly problematic step dancing show and of course, the Angela Merkel-hating  model/protestor. Today, Rick Owens sent models down the runway harnessed to other women. Is this a statement about lady power? Sista-sistahood? 69-ing? According to Owens, via Dazed:

In the Spring men’s collection which shares the same name (Cyclops), that focussed vision was propulsive and aggressive. When applied to women’s, I see that focussed vision being more about nourishment, sisterhood/motherhood and regeneration; women raising women, women becoming women, and women supporting women – a world of women I know little about and can only attempt to amuse in my own small way…Straps can be about restraint but here they are all about support and cradling. Straps here become loving ribbons…The music for the show is Unkle’s arrangement of This Land – the theme from the movie ‘Exodus’ - a song I use here as a reflection on the timelessly female way of protecting way of protecting and nurturing a tribe, sung, live by a vocal powerhouse Eska.

K! (Via: Dazed)


Listen To Janet Jackson's "S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S" Before It's Gone Forever

Although the track dropped yesterday, queen Janet Jackson's sultry "S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S" was ripped off the internet - but here it is! Listen and reginite your Janet comeback countdown now. 


Hillary Clinton Will Appear On "Saturday Night Live" 

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Did Joaquin ruin your Saturday night plans? Here's some good news, Miley Cyrus will kick off SNL's 41st season this weekend as host and musical performer. Even better news: The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton will be cracking jokes alongside Saturday Night Live's Hillary Clinton, Kate McKinnon during the cold open. In honor of this glorious news, here's a #tbt to 2008 when Clinton joined my girl, Amy Poehler, for a skit. (via: NYT)


Oct 1, 2015


Swagger NYC