5@5: Which Music Release Are You? 'Hamilton' vs 'What A Time To Be Alive'


Sep 21, 2015


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What Did You Listen To On Repeat All Day?  'Hamilton' vs 'What A Time To Be Alive' 

SO MUCH FIRE MUSIC DROPPED TODAY.  After Drizzy unveiled his 11-track joint-effort with Future on Beats 1 last night, 'What A Time To Be Alive' is now available to stream exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music. According to Drake, the collaboration that's predicted to crush sales of Kanye and Jay Z's "Watch The Throne" was completed in just six days.  

Theatre kids also got their entire lives when the sountrack to Broadway's new hit-show, 'Hamilton', dropped via NPR. Can someone make a Hamilton x WATTBA mashup?


Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Pigs, And David Cameron

via: Daily Mail

British Twitter erupted with side-eyes, shade, and hashtags like #BaeofPigs or #Piggate in response to a report in the Daily Mail accusing U.K.'s Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, of putting a "private part of his anatomy" in a dead pig's mouth during initiation ritual as a student at Oxford. The source of the very embarrassing gossip comes from Lord Michael Ashcroft, the writer behind an unauthorized Cameron biography. Cameron's representatives have offically commented  on the story by declining to comment on "any of it".

"Black Mirror" fans, including show creator Charlie Brooker, pointed out the uncanny similarities between #PigGate and the "National Anthem" episode, in which a fictional Prime Minister is forced to have sex with a pig on national television.   (Via: Daily Mail/EW)


Internet: An Emoji Keyboard Is Coming

via YouTube

Tom Scott has unlocked the emoji from the confinements on your phone. The London based developer is creating 14 keyboard emoji attachments boasting over 1,000 keys of emoji. The London-based programmer organized each emoji to their "kingdom" and allows users to change the race of the each emoji with the press of a  key. Here's to hoping the next step is a major downsize, 14 keyboards is a bit much for that share space/coffee shop office life. (via: Time)


Your Uber Drivers Are Rating You, Here's How You Can Find Your Score

via: Uber

Uber riders are not the only ones that give out ratings at the end of a trip.  Drivers can also rate passengers based on whether the rider was cool or a drunken brat and this, ultimately, tips off other drivers on whether or not they want to make the pick up.  But here's where it gets shady: Although Uber passengers can view the rating of their driver, users were not able to see where they stand - until today.  Now when users log into the Uber app, hit the menu icon and tap 'Help', under the 'Account' menu they  can select the 'I'd like to know my rating' button and Uber will  email you know your average passenger rating.

For future reference: The 5 for 5 deal —offering to exchange a 5 star so everyone is happy—  works like a charm. (via: BGR)


I Can't Stop Watching This Fierce Rat Carry A Pizza Down Subway Stairs


Sep 21, 2015


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