Jul 19

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Day 2 RNC Theme: Make America Work Again

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Today marks day 2 of the disastrous yet highly entertaining Republican National Convention, the theme is "Make America Work Again" and it features a lineup that's...interesting. Paul Ryan, Ben Carson, and Chris Christie, who have all at one point worked against Trump, will deliver speeches.

For the first time, we'll finally hear from Tiffany Trump, his 23-year-old daughter and University of Pennsylvania grad who has never actually worked

a day in her life.

Actually, I take that back, according to Google she's an "actor" (with zero roles listed under her IMDB page) and a failed pop star with a "single" called "Like a Bird" available on Amazon!

Trump is expected to far exceed the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. 'Merica is one step closer to living a nightmare.


Twitter Drags Melania Trump's RNC 2016 Speech With #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuote

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The biggest news coming from last night's RNC event is Melania Trump's tragic keynote speech, which she "allegedly" (read: definitely) plagiarized from Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech.

Following the copy and paste snafu, Trump said on the TODAY Show that she wrote the speech largely on her own, telling Matt Lauer that: "I read once over it, and that's all. Because I wrote it…with as little help as possible." Hours later, the campaign released a statement undermining her claims, noting that a "team of writers took notes on her life's inspirations, and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking."

Both campaign deputy Rick Gates and chairman Paul Manafort, who dismissed the similarities as "common words and values," deny overseeing the speech process. (Via: TODAY/TWITTER)


Paul Manafort Blames Hillary Clinton for Melania's Plagiarism

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In an interview with CNN, Manafort said that the plagiarism scandal is not the campaign's fault but rather "an example of when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton, how she seeks out to demean her and take her down." Man pitting women against each other to save other man's face, what a surprise!


GOP Congressman Calls Non-Whites "Sub-Groups" Who Have Contributed 0 To Civilization

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Can someone show Steve King the receipts? (A standard history book.)


Tamron Hall Calls Out Scott Baio's Sexist Hillary Clinton Tweet


Jul 19, 2016


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