Aug 24

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5@5: SP and Cass Talk The 5 Stories You Should Know

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Every member in the Beyhive knows that one should take Beyonce-related tea with a grain of salt, but according to the usually accurate @TheBeyHiveTeam, and crew currently rehearsing for the award show, Beyoncé will perform at the VMAs


According to the same account, BEY IS ALSO GEARING UP TO RELEASE THAT JAYONCE JOINT ALBUM. Above are the purported lyrics to two Knowles-Carter collab tracks, take it as a sign that it's time to (re)download Tidal. (via: Twitter)


American Film Institute Cancels 'Birth of a Nation' Screening Nate Parker Q+A

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Nate Parker isn't getting off easy in the court of public opinion. Amid intense scrutiny over the 1999 rape charges brought against him, the American Film Institute has cancelled its Friday screening of 'Birth of a Nation,' and the Q+A with the filmmaker and star.

In a statement, AFI's dean, Jan Schuette, said that the decision was made after receiving "passionate" responses from people who read the court documents from the case where Parker and his friend, Jean Celestin (writer on 'Birth of a Nation') were charged with raping an 18-year-old at Penn State. The woman insisted that she was unconscious and the sex wasn't consensual while Celestin and Parker claimed it was. She also claimed that Parker and Celestin had harassed her on campus afterwards. Parker was acquitted of the rape charges in 2001, Celestin was found guilty of sexual assault but the charge was later overturned. Family members told Variety that she killed herself in 2012. (via: Deadline)


Are You Nervous About Britney Spears' Appearance On Carpool Karaoke? Same.

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Has Britney Spears ever sang live once during the span of her career? Who knows! We may never know! In a clip for Britney Jeans' appearance on "Carpool Karaoke" she's lipsyncing her own music while James Corden sings for his life. Um.

Did James forgot to tell Britney how the show works?


Universal Music Group Bans Artists From Exclusive Streaming Services

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In an alleged company-wide email from Universal Music Group CEO, Lucian Grainge the company will be the first to ban its artists from giving exclusives to streaming services like Apple and Tidal. It appears that Frank Ocean pissed off the illuminati when he decided to leave UMG and work with Apple as an independent artist to release "Blonde".

One of the recipients of that email, Bob Lefsetz, author of the insidery Lefsetz newsletter, writes that former UMG head Jimmy Iovine and Apple Music should be investigated by the government over anti-trust concerns because "there’s a conspiracy between Apple Music and the industry to change the game, to get everybody to pay for a subscription by putting hit content behind a paywall.” (via: The Guardian)


Aug 24, 2016


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