Aug 1

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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5@5: SP and Cass Talk The 5 Stories You Should Know

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Are We Taking Malia Obama's Lollapalooza Videos Too Seriously?

YES. #TeamLetMaliaObamaLive. (via: TSR)


New Emoji Alert: Goodbye Revolver, Hello Diversity

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Starting this fall, iPhones running on iOS 10 will get a new series of emoji that show women playing more sports and performing jobs that were only an option for male options. A water gun emoji (replacing the revolver), a rainbow flag, single-parent families and male variations of female-only emoji options are part of the 100 new emojis. (via: BuzzFeed)


Becky With The Good Hair Drama Continues

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Rachel Roy had to get cops involved in the Becky With The Good Hair Drama that exploded on social media shortly after Ray's now-deleted "Good hair don't care" Instagram post. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Roy reported to the LAPD that here Gmail and iCloud accounts were hacked and her cell phone number was changed without her permission.


Frank Ocean Trolled Us All...

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Frank Ocean rang the alarm this morning when he led the internet to his website where new music was released! Sike. The looped video featured a man in a warehouse behind two large tables and the faint sounds of music in the background. Fans have pointed out that the library due date card Ocean posted in July, which many assumed was his way of announcing the release date of "Boys Don't Cry", includes the date November 1November 13, 2016. So now....we wait until November. QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART, FRANK OCEAN.


Aug 1, 2016


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