Dec 16

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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According To Users, Snapchatters Use The App To Cheat

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Since what happens on Snapchat stays on Snapchat for just 10 seconds, it's fast-becoming a cheaters' fave platform. Using information posted to Reddit boards, Mic recently reported on the countless experiences being shared by users who have either caught their partner swapping nekkid photos or flirting with their exes on Snapchat. (Via: Mic)


Let LeBron James Warm Your Heart

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Special Olympian Aaron Miller was honored at last night's Boston Celtics game and got the chance to stand at half court at the TD Garden. But fuck all of that because the most important moment for Miller happened when LeBron James ran up to the local hero to personally pay his respects. *Heart explosion*


The First Freddie Gray Trial Ends In Hung Jury And Mistrial

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Prosecutors faced a major blow today when the judge declared a mistrial after a jury of twelve Baltimore residents failed to come to a unanimous decision in the trial of Baltimore police officer William Porter.

The prosecution argued that Porter—who was charged with the manslaughter, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct of Freddie Gray — failed to buckle Gray's seatbelt and call for an ambulance when Gray asked for medical attention. Porter testified that he didn't think Gray was hurt, but claims to have also notified "the driver and a supervisor" of Gray's request. Prosecutors were planning to use Porter's case to help bolster the case against van driver Caesar Goodson, CNN reports.

It's unclear how this mistrial will shape the remaining trails set for next year. (via: CNN/AP)


Some Genius Has Created A Trip Advisory Page For The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel has racked up over 300 reviews on a legit TripAdvisor page where fans of the hotel, I mean movie, are rating it on a scale of 5 stars for its "secret ingredient of the raw meat beef artar" and beautiful views. Some are not so glowing. "The moment I entered the lobby I was assaulted by the smell of festering dreams and faded glory." Genius troll. (Via: The Independent)


Tove Lo Covers The Weeknd’s “Real Life”


Dec 16, 2015


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