5@5: Was "Empire" Out Of Line For Its Sandra Bland #IfIDie Reference?


Oct 15, 2015


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Beyoncé Covers London-Based BEAT Magazine

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Blessed: Lucky Charms Is Releasing Marshmallow-Only Box

The catch is, only 10 boxes of Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms will be available to the public. To get your hands on the “unicorn of the cereal world”, fans can either tweet or 'gram a selfie holding an imaginery box of Lucky Charms using the hashtag #Lucky10Sweepstakes. If you win, can I has some?


Was Empire's #IfIDieInPoliceCustody Out Of Line Or On Point?

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Last night, Sandra Bland's chilling words before she was found dead in her cell in July - "If I die in police custody, I did not commit suicide"- trended again thanks to Empire,

when Cookie used it before being thrown in jail.While some argued that the quote conjured up the #BlackLivesMatter movement, others felt that it was in poor taste and exploitative for Bland's words to be used as a means of shock-value and entertainment. What side are you on? Discuss.


A 70-Year-Old Woman Is The Owner Of This Hillary Clinton Head Tat

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Who needs support from the party when you've got fans tatting your face on their heads so you know it's real? Tattoo artist, Rob the Original shared an image of his recent job making waves across the internet — a tattoo of Hillary Clinton inked on the back of 70-year-old Maria Anita "Sammie" Monsivaiz's head. The San Antonio resident got it done just in time to support Clinton at her campaign stop earlier today. Monsivaiz recently made waves when she turned her Chevy truck into a Selena Quintanilla tribute van. #LifeGoals. (via: My San Antonio)


Wine O'Clock And Chill Jam: Jay Boogie Cakes Da Killa and Shamz Le Roc Team Up For "Body Remix"


Oct 15, 2015


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