5@5: Vagina Emojis Are Here To Amp Up Your Text Game


Oct 13, 2015


Swagger NYC


Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Face Off Tonight

Get your drinking game ready! The first Democractic debate in which Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and ????? (kidding!) former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, and former U.S. Senator James Webb of Virginia will square off. But let's be real, everyone is waiting for the shots Clinton and Sanders will aim at each other. Will anyone bring up the emails? Black Lives Matter? Donald Trump's wedding?

It starts tonight at 9pm on CNN.


The Vagina Emoji Is Here

via: Flirtmoji

We told you about Flirtmoji a few months back when Emoji whips, boners, and nips flew down our timeline. But today the app has unveiled a new offering - vaginas. And they're diverse, too! Flirtmoji's set of vaginas come in different shapes, sizes and colors: There's brown, pink, blue, purple, blonde, bare, bushy or slight stubble. Get your empowering vagina emoji, and the rest of Flirtmoji's keyboard here. (via: Dazed)


Pitchfork Is Now A Part Of The Condé Nast Family

Today, Condé Nast acquired the 20-year-old music criticism site. Details on the aquisition have not been made public, but obviously Condé made it rain all over Pitchfork to lock in the site's 88% millennial male audience. According to Condé Nast’s chief executive, Bob Sauerberg, the merge “reinforces our commitment to building Condé Nast’s premium digital network, focusing on distinctive editorial voices and engaging high-value millennial audiences.”

The Pitchfork music festival is about to get hella fancy. (via: New York Times)


Wine O'Clock And Chill Jam: Stream Deutsch Duke's “Harder Without You"


Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Lay Offs 336 Employees

via Twitter

You've probbaly heard about the mass pink-slippin' going down at Twitter HQ, but exactly how the firings are going down remains to be the shadiest HR move ever. According to Twitter engineer Bart Teeuwisse, he was alerted of his firing through his iOS notification (surprise!) before noticing that he was locked out of his email. SHADE. SHADE. SHADE. But at least funemployment checks?

(via: Gawker)


Oct 13, 2015


Swagger NYC