5@5: There's An App That Blocks Accidental Instagram Likes


Sep 29, 2015


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There's An App That Blocks Users From Accidentally Liking An Instagram Photo Mid-Stalk 

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Guilty of going 36 weeks deep into a stranger, or ex's, Instagram feed only to accidentally like a photo? SAME. Now there's an app to help ensure your Insta-stalking goes unnoticed. Instasnoop, created by model Olivia Orchowisky, removes the "heart" option on Instagram promising users the ability to "snoop for hours on end without the fear of dropping your phone on your face, and having your nose accidentally like an image upon impact."

There's also the ability to zoom in on any photo, see which one of your one-time followers are no longer following, and a "Snooplist" —a roundup of users you don't necessarily want to follow, but wish to keep tabs on. The app is now available for download via the iTunes app store. Happy creeping. (Via: Instasnoop)


Trolling On 10: Nonprofit Group Suggests Tinder Will Give You STDs

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A controversial billboard erected in Los Angeles by nonprofit group, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) links popular dating apps, specifically Tinder and Grindr, to sexually transmitted diseases. And guess what? Tinder is not here for it.

The billboard, which Daily Dot notes is located "conspicuously close" to the dating app's offices, shows a silhouette of a man labeled "Tinder" face-to-face with a woman's silhouette labeled "chlamydia." Next to chlamydia infected Tinder user, a silhouette of a man labeled "Grindr" faces another male silhouette labeled "gonorrhea."

The messaging behind AHF's billboard is a total misfire because we all know unprotected sex is the reason behind the transmission of diseases - not dating apps. Tinder has since responded to AHF's billboard by slapping the company with a ceast and desist for falsely associating the dating app with the spread of diseases. “These unprovoked and wholly unsubstantiated accusations are made to irreparably damage Tinder’s reputation in an attempt to encourage others to take an HIV test offered by your organization,” a lawyer for Tinder wrote.

Clearly, AHF should've stuck to  music covers. (Via: Seattle Times)


According To Left-Handed iPhone 6s Users, Their New Tech Toy Is Biased To Right-Handed People

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The unquenchable thirst over the brand new iPhone 6 is drying up for left-handed iPhone users who have recently complained that their new devices were not designed with lefties in mind, especially in landscape mode. TBH, users should be used to his by now, Apple has a history of ignoring the lefty squad. (Via: Mic)


A Sitcom Based On Nicki Minaj's Early Life 

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Random(?) bit of good news for Nicki Minajesty's Barb fanbase. A series about the pop star's early life will air on ABC Family. Yay! But also ...what??? 

The half-hour comedy written by Kate Angelo ("Sex Tape") will shoot in Queens this winter, and will be based on Onika and her family's immigration from Trinidad in the early 1990s. According to ABC Family's press release, "it will focus on her growing up in Queens with her vibrant family and the personal and musical evolution that led to her eventual rise to stardom." 

Do you think ABC Family will be okay with naming this gem, "Diary of The Baddest Bitch?"  More importantly, who is going to play a young Onika?!  (via Deadline)


Twitter Is About To Get A Major Revamp

via: Re/Code

Should Facebook watch the throne? According to Re/Code, following its move to allow novel-length DMs, Twitter is building a mysterious tool that will allow users to publish "long-form content" and go beyond the trademark 140-character limit. (Via: Re/Code)


Sep 29, 2015


Swagger NYC