Feb 2

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Yes, Hillary Clinton Won The Iowa Caucus, But Sticker Kid Totally Stole Her Thunder

via: Instagram

Technically, Hillary lost the Iowa caucus to Peter Clinkscales, the freshman at Drake University, who, despite being a Bernie Sanders fan, was caught doing some weird mouth movements and a celebratory dance with pro-Hillary stickers all over his face. Peter is officially the face of poLITical partying. (Via: NYDN)


The Super Bowl Ad Bound To Break The Internet

via: T-Mobile

T-Mobile is on a serious roll with its Super Bowl ad slayage. Last year, the mobile phone company tapped Kim Kardashian West to star in its selfie-obsessed ad for the data stash initiative . This year, T-Mobile has unveiled its 2016 ad which stars none other than your boyfriend, or your bruh, Drake, in all his "Hotline Bling" glory. Genius.


"Tangerine" Director Sean Baker's Latest Film Is With Kenzo

via: KENZO

Yes, as in the fashion brand KENZO. Sean Baker, the writer/director behind the 2015 film, "Tangerine" has teamed up with the brand for a short film that'll spotlight KENZO's spring 2016 collection. Like "Tangerine", Baker's "Snowbird" is shot entirely on an iPhone, and will follow "

Mad Max: Fury Road's" Abbey Lee navigating through an off the grid, desert trailer park where she interacts with actual residents and professional actors.

The film debuts in full on KENZO's website tomorrow, February 3.


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