Oct 28

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Spring Valley High Officer Ben Fields Fired

via Richland Local

Richland County Deputy Ben Fields has officially been fired without pay for bodyslamming a non-violent student onto the floor and throwing her several feet for refusing to give up her mobile phone. Any possible criminal investigation will be handled by federal and state agencies. (Via: Richland Local)


Will Rihanna's New Role In 'Valerian' Pushback Her Album AGAIN?

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French director Luc Besson announced that Rihanna will have a "big part" (aka starring?) in his forthcoming space epic based on the graphic novel Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. She'll play alongside Cara Delevinge and Besson is "Sooo excited!" I would be too, BUT WHEN IS THE ALBUM COMING? (via: Instagram)


JoJo Shows Solidarity With Those Affected By Fuckboys In "Say Love" Video


Did You Read Zola's Tale About Her Florida Adventure?

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Twitter's new rising storyteller, @Zolarmoon or Zola, has been trending worldwide for over 12 hours because of her viral Tweetnovel/LITerature based on two strippers who head to Florida for a riveting, murderous weekend. The 150-tweet story that may or may not be fiction was originally shared via @Zolarmoon earlier in the summer, but it's just now sweeping the internetz. Read it on Storify and also Imgur.


Artist On The Rise: Bibi Bourelly's "Ego" Is The Power Anthem You Need


What does one do after teaming up with Rihanna for one of the boldest, most unapologetic tracks of the 2015? Create your own. Stepping out from behind-the-scenes is 20-year-old Bibi Bourelly, one fourth of the writing team behind "BBHMM", with her debut single, "Ego". Bourelly had me sold with her bad ass hook, "I won't ever ever ever give a fuck/you won't bring me down/you got me fucked up." But otherwise, the striking ballad sees her raspy vocals soaring on the gritty track. Listen to Bourelly belt some realness like on the track above, and follow her here.


Oct 28, 2015


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