Nov 3

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Abra Drops Visuals To "Pull Up"


The West's Did Something Dope Last Night

In the first social media appearance since her "accidental" Facebook post on Monday, Kim Kardashian West appeared on the Twitter feed of Alton Sterling's family lawyer alongside Sterling's eldest son, Cameron Sterling. Justin Bamberg posted that Sterling was invited to the Saint Pablo tour and spent his 16th birthday with North and Saint's parents which is very FUCKING DOPE. Also dope? Kim's lowkey lewk.

Bamberg is representing the family in a wrongful death suit following the July death of Sterling, who was shot by the police for selling CD outside of a convenient store. (via: Twitter)


Those Young M.A. Inspired "Headphanie" Hennessy Bottles Are Real, Unclear If She's Getting Paid For It

The White Fashion Bros over at Lilac, an online store that sells #InternetClothing, released their Hennessy x Lilac Company "Headphanie" bottle. Normally I'd be excited to own this piece of elegant-ratchetry but as the internet has pointed out it's unclear if rising Brooklyn rapper Young M.A., who created the phrase "Headphanie" in her breakout track "OOUU," is being compensated or even credited. Filing this under "Things I Can't Fuck With Until Receipts Prove White Men Are Not Making Money Off A Culture That Is Not Theirs." Both Young M.A. and Hennessy have not confirmed the partnership.

Update: In a deleted tweet, Lilac claimed to be in contact with Young M.A.'s manager because the brand created the Headphanie bottle before they even talked to the artist who created the term. Sounds about right. (via: The Fader)


Is Donald Trump Holding Auditions For His Conservative News Network?

According to a casting notice obtained by Fox News, an unspecified employer is launching an "up-and-coming conservative media network currently in development" looking for hosts, reporters and right-leaning panelists to appear on programming to be streamed online. While Donald Trump himself has denied plans to launch his own network, his campaign has been using Facebook Live to deliver "news" on the platform. Good luck booking women correspondents for that gig. (via: Fox News)


Racists On The Facebook For The CMA's Can Stay Mad


Nov 3, 2016


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