Mar 15

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Seth Rogen Premiered "Sausage Party", A NSFW "Finding Nemo" At SXSW

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Seth Rogen co-wrote and lends his voice in film that revolves around a sausage named Frank (Rogen) who falls in love with a hot dog bun (Kristen Wiig) but is quickly separated from his beloved bun thanks to a hungry human. Edible star-crossed lovers eager to reunite; it's basically the R-rated version of "Finding Nemo" that no one knew they needed.


Mel B's Story About Beating Up A Member Of All Saints Is So Bad It's Good

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Mel B appeared on Allegedly, a podcast hosted by comedian Theo Von and journo/filmmaker Matthew Cole's podcast and spilled tea on a vintage bathroom fight she waged against Shaznay, one of the singers in the English/Canadian girl group All Saints ("Never Ever", "Pure Shores"). I'm so sad because I loved All Saints (albeit way less than my Spice Girls). Mel B didn't:

“There was this girl group called All Saints. And I had already beaten up one of them in the bathroom, the black girl Shaznay,” says Mel. “She started giving me attitude so I went in the bathroom and tried to rip her weave off. And she chokes me and then we kinda got split up but I won. The funny thing is they just brought out a new record last week. It’s really good!”

Scary Spice, forreal. (via: Allegedly)


Damn Taylor, Back At It Again With Fire Dance Routines

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This time around, Taylor Hatala is joined by fellow Antoine Troupe member Kyndall Harris and the two completely kill a choreographed routine to Desiigner's "Panda".


Tonight Is Super Tuesday 3

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Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio's last chance to stop Donald Trump's GOP nomination is tonight when Ohio, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri vote in the most crucial and terrifying moment in the 2016 election. (via: CNN)


Toronto Orchestra Performs Drake's "Know Yourself"


Mar 15, 2016


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