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Oct 14, 2015


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Facebook Finally Fixes What's Wrong With Its
"On This Day" Reminders

via Facebook

The awkward moment when Facebook's "on this day" reminder dredges up a memory you'd rather forget is OVER. The social media platform has finally included a setting allowing users to filter out the people and dates you don't want put on blast. To digitally edit your past, go to the "On This Day" page, click preferences and say baiiiii to moments you never want to see again. You can also opt to turn the entire notification off. (via: The Verge)


It's Not Looking Good For Lamar Odom

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According to E!, Lamar Odom's conditions have worsened after an unitentional overdose at a Nevada brothel. The source inside the hospital says that the former Laker has tested positive for "virtually every drug imaginable" and may suffer brain damage. via E!:

Lamar appears to have suffered an “ischemic stroke,” which is caused by a blood clot preventing blood flow to the brain. This type of stroke is often associated with a cocaine overdose, among other drugs. Our source adds that Lamar “had been partying since Friday.”

“He was doing crack cocaine all weekend and he choked on his mucous,” the insider explains. “They’re now having to fix all the damage it has done.”

The Kardashian family is reportedly at the hospital with Odom. Claims that the K-fam brought in a camera crew have been shot down. (Via: TMZ/E!)


You Need To Follow This Art-stagram Page On Insta

via @Minsoart

Do your IG feed a favor and follow digital artist Naro Pinosa aka @MinsoArt. The Spanish artist explores sexuality and pop culture with clever mashups of Greek sculptures or classical paintings and imagery that ranges from food to porn. Get your heart tap on.


Tracy Morgan's SNL Promos Are Here

via NBC

After his near-fatal car crash last year, Tracy Morgan is back (as promised) and set to return to the SNL stage where he plans to get "everyone in the building pregnant." Fingers crossed Brian Fellows makes a comeback.


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Oct 14, 2015


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