Aug 10

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Stream + Repeat Mai Kino's Self-Directed Video For "The Waves"


Crystal Pepsi Returns With An Epic '90s Party

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To celebrate Crystal Pepsi’s limited edition return, Pepsi Cola threw us waaay back with a '90s-themed experience featuring video games, a hair crimping station and performances by En Vogue, Salt N Pepa, En Vogue, Biz Markie and Lisa Loeb. The caffeine-free, clear colored soda returns to the US beginning August 8.

Keeping up with the #tbt vibes, the company has created an old school splash page with a mock '90s computer game based off "The Oregon Trail" you can play here. BYEEE Pokémon Go.


Snapchat Accused Of Creating A Racist Filter (Again)

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Damn, Snapchat back at it again with the culturally insensitive filter! Today the platform was forced to remove an "anime inspired" filter that appeared to draw inspiration from the offensive "yellowface" Asian caricatures. Back in April, Snapchat was called out for its 4/20 filter lens, which gave users blackface in honor of Bob Marley. SNAPCHAT, WYD?!

The company defended its "anime inspired" filter, but told The Guardian that it would no longer appear on the app. Snapchat also claimed that “Lenses are meant to be playful and never to offend.” Sure! (Via: The Guardian)


No, Frank Ocean Fans Should Not Kidnap His Brother For Album Ransom

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Frank Ocean's release date for "Boys Don't Cry" came and went with no album, and now his livid fans have taken to Reddit to propose a plan in which they kidnap Ocean's younger brother, Ryan Breaux as ransom in exchange for the album. Frank Ocean fans, WYD?! (via: Hypetrak)


Are You Here For "Ocean's Ocho"?

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros is set to release a ladies-only spinoff of "Ocean's Eleven" called "Ocean's Ocho" starring Sanda Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway (why?), Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina and Rihanna. As much as I want to be excited about Rihanna and HBC together, do we really need another reboot? Also, haven't we already seen a female heist in "Set It Off"? (via: Hollywood Reporter)


Aug 10, 2016


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