Dec 21

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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FDA Lifts Ban On Blood Donations From Gay Men

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The criticized 32-year-old ban against blood donations from gay and bisexual men has been reversed by the FDA today, and reinstated with a new blanket rule that's just as discriminatory. Beginning next year, the gay and bisexual men who do wish to donate blood must first abstain from sex with men for at least 12 months. "Ultimately, the 12-month deferral window is supported by the best available scientific evidence, at this point in time, relevant to the U.S. population," Dr. Peter Marks, deputy director of the FDA's biologics division, said in a statement.(via: Reuters)


Watch R. Kelly Be Sexist And Condescending Before Walking Out Of A HuffPo Live Interview

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Adele's Cover And Interview For 'Time' Is One Big Mic Drop

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COME ON THROUGH, SLAYDELE. What does a pop star do after shattering every single sales record and announcing a massive world tour? Shut it all the way down on the cover of TIME, obvi. In the excerpts from the interview, Adele is speaking the 100% TRUTH.

On an artist's overexposure:

“I’m not throwing shade at anybody,” she says, “but when you have a six-month build up, don’t expect me to be there the day your album comes out, because I’m bored. It doesn’t matter how amazing it is. You put seven songs out. I’ve heard the album. I’ve heard everything you want to say about it. I’ve heard it all over radio. Don’t expect me to not lose interest before it’s even happened.”

On how she plans to keep baby Angelo away from the future #RichKidsofInstagram
“I’m very self-conscious that I have a kid, and I don’t want him being one of those dickheads, who grows up being, like, ‘Driver, driver!'” She snaps her fingers. “I have no clean clothes! Well, have you washed them? I really don’t want him growing up like that. I’m very conscious of it.”

On Beyonce:
"Anyone who knows me knows that my main priority in life outside of my child is Beyoncé."

The Slaydele issue is on newstands now. (via: Time)


Kim Kardashian Has Emojis Now

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Kim Kardashian has blessed her legion of dolls with the ultimate Christmas present: 250-Kim centric emojis including pregnant Kim, contour makeup face Kim and a waist training corset for your KK texting pleasure.

Unfortunatley, there is no Nori ballerina emoji. (via: Twitter)


Listen To Phony Ppl's Chill Jam "Why iii Love The Moon"

Phony Ppl's album "Yesterday's Tomorrow" is available on iTunes now.


Dec 21, 2015


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