Nov 10

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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No, Bunless Men, You Don't Need Manbun Weave

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NOPE. (Via: Groupon)


Your Chance To Go On A Movie Date With Shia LaBeouf Is Here

According to Gothamist, your teen dream to go on a movie date with Shia LaBeouf can come true if you're in the NYC area this week. For three days for 24 hours, LaBeouf will be sitting in at the Angelika Film Center on 18 West Houston Street watching all of his films. ARE YOU EXCITED TO TOUCH HIS HAND WHEN YOU BOTH REACH FOR THE POPCORN? (Via: Gothamist)


This Fourth Grade Girl Is Your New Wingwoman


By the fourth grade, Maddy Douglas of Iowa may have reached peak feminist mode after refusing to complete a math problem she felt broke the "girl code." In a screenshot that's now my phone wallpaper, Douglas' logic question asked the students to figure out the final dating combination of eight high school boys and girls who go on a series of dates together in varying sequences. Douglas, my girl, shut that shit down and reminded the teacher that dating a friend's boyfriend breaks the rules of Girldom. Give that baby feminist +10 bonus points. (Via: HuffPo)


Just In Time For The Republican Debate, Watch This "Mrs. Fulbright" Spoof

via Honest Fulbright

In a running political satire series created by finance reform group Represent.Us, Honest Gil’ Fulbright is a presidential candidate with a Stepford wife who is ready to flex dead eyes and fake smile. The wife is very vocal behind the scenes saying" My practice smile [which] should tell you all’s well with the Fulbright house, while my lifeless eyes betray my disgust with my husband’s backroom dealings with shady political cohorts.”

Also: “I’m not behind a podium or out speaking with real people, because as a prop, I’m best positioned ‘in the home’ where I can conform to gender norms and exhibit aspirational family values,” she says. #BullsEyeEmoji (Via: Twitter)


Erykah Badu Teases Her Mixtape Comeback With "Phone Down"

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You know, Drake and Erykah Badu's friendship just might be my favorite of 2015. Last month, Badu dropped the best remix of "Hotline Bling", and now ahead of her mixtape, "But You Caint Use My Phone", Badu has released "Phone Down". On the track she promises to make you abandon your phone when in her presence, while sampling a "Wu Tang Forever" track. I see what you did there queen B. Listen below:


Nov 10, 2015


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