5@5: Salute Releases Your Wine O'Clock And Chill Anthem


Oct 8, 2015


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Rihanna's Navy Thinks She's Going To Surprise-Release "ANTI"

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World stopped for Rihanna's Navy Wednesday night when their fave unveiled the cover art to her long awaited eighth studio album, "ANTI", at the Mama Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. Rih teamed up with artist Roy Nachum, who did a bang-up job immersing baby Rih in a swath of red paint with a metallic gold crown over her eyes. Rather than a traditional album title, Chloë Mitchell's poem "If They Let Us" is featured on the cover. It's the first album to use Braille rather than font.

The response as been mostly "YASSSS RIHZUS" with a sprinkle of rumors that Rihanna is planning to drop "ANTI" as a surprise release. Not sure that queen of anti-everything-already-done would follow Beyoncé, Drake and Miley Cyrus, but who knows.

According to Rihanna, the album release date is "coming soon".


ATO Is Kicked Off Campus For Sex-capades

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It's a wrap for Indiana University's Alpha Tau Omega frat. According to IU spokesperson Mark Land, the frat has been shut down after a video went viral of a hazing ritual in which a 21-year-old student was physically forced to perform oral sex on an exotic dancer in front of members.

In the explicit clip, which you can still find on Twitter and YouTube, the Alpha Tau Omega brother is in his boxers as he performs the sexual act surrounded by underwear-clad members cheering him on while another exotic dancer kicks him.
It’s unclear if either the fraternity member or the stripper gave consent to the public sex act.

“The video from a smartphone shows a sex act that occurred last week,” Wynn Smiley, CEO of ATO’s national office said in a statement Thursday. “The event was unauthorized involving about half of the chapter’s membership. The National Fraternity investigation revealed the 21-year-old man in the video was an initiated member, not a pledge, and the two women in the video were exotic dancers hired by one of the members. Our investigation revealed that no pledge was compelled to participate. Regardless, the actions are contrary to the ideals and principles of Alpha Tau Omega and are highly offensive.” (Via: Gawker)


Snapchat Is In The Apparel Biz?

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Snapchat is offering more than just rainbow vomit, the app rolled out a plush, $44.99 backpack today via Amazon shaped like the ghost icon. Happy Halloween? (via: Mashable)


Victoria's Secret Gets Called Out For Photoshop Failing


Apparently, Angels have wings, not left butt cheeks. :( (Via Us Weekly)


Wine O'Clock And Chill Track: Salute ft Abra's "Colourblind"


Oct 8, 2015


Swagger NYC