Mar 28

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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President Obama Was An Embarrassing Dad This Weekend

via: Pete Souza/The White House

There is no getting around an embarrassing dad moment whilst Spring Breaking with the parents. Here's Sasha Obama's "damn, dad" story,Via



"The daughters appeared cheerier in the sun on Tuesday during a baseball game at the Estadio Latinamericano, watching the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Cuban national team. But when Mr. Obama and the rest of his entourage rose to do the wave, Sasha stayed seated, her arm over her face as if mortified."

Sasha is every one of us at 14. Yet another reason to really miss the Obamas.


Instagram Is Changing Its Algorithm And Everyone Hates It

via: Instagram

Instagram users are having a meltdown over the app's forthcoming non-chronological newsfeed order. The


update will turn Instagram into your Facebook newsfeed, where instead of seeing posts uploaded in real time, Insta will predict the "relevant" photos you're most likely going to like, and serve them to you first, making them appear higher in feeds.

In an attempt to avoid getting buried by the new algorithm, D-list celebs, thirsty brands and thirsty influencers who get paid per like are begging followers to turn on post notifications. But the real tea is that if you have to turn on a person's notifications to see them prominently on your dash, you probably never actually gave a crap about their photos to begin with, so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Via: Instagram)


A Fake Trump Tombstone Was Erected In Central Park This Weekend

via Instagram

Damn, I missed the epic photo opp that was this fake tombstone prematurely RIP-ing Donald Trump. The memorial citing the epitaph, "Made America Hate Again" mysteriously popped up in Central Park this weekend.

The Secret Service refused to confirm whether they considered the hoax a legitimate death threat.

"We're not going to comment on protective procedures or protective knowledge like that," M

artin Mulholland, special agent in charge of the Secret Service's office of public affairs, told ABC News. Or maybe no one cares? (via: ABC)


The Capitol Is Reopened Following Shots Fired

via Getty

A lockdown on the U.S. Capitol Complex has been partially lifted after a Tennessee man, identified as Larry Dawson, was shot upon pulling out a gun at the Capitol Visitor Center.

Dawson was captured and rushed to a nearby hospital. (via: ABC)


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