Jul 11

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Black Lives Matter Protests Lead To Over 300 Arrests

via Reuters freelancer Jonathan Bachman

Over 300 reported arrests were made at protests in the St. Paul and Baton Rouge area this weekend following last week's string of shootings. Activist DeRay McKesson was arrested and released on bond Sunday.

Footage streamed on Twitter

and Facebook show multiple instances of police and protesters stand offs, including an interview with one homeowner who says that people were arrested while standing on private property. A photo of Ieshia L. Evans facing riot gear-clad cops has become one of the most powerful images from the weekend's protest. (via: AP)



via: Pokemon

Good news: Nintendo celebrated its highest one-day surge since 1983, with the app skyrocketing the company's share by nearly 40%. In one weekend Pokémon Go has added nearly $7.5 billion to the brand's market value.

And bad news: Missouri police report that armed robbers are using Pokémon Go gym stops to corner unknowing victims in isolated areas. Apparently, robbers lurk the geolocations to find or lure people standing in nearby and or isolated areas. Four suspects were taken into custody this weekend, one person was armed with a handgun.


Chewbacca Mom To "Heal The World" One MJ Song At A Time

via YouTube

Leave it to Chewbacca Mom to insert herself into the Black Lives Matter/police brutality discussion by releasing a (pretty decent) video of herself singing Michael Jackson's "Heal The World" in response to the Dallas shootings. Yes, during some moments Chewbacca Mom has the range, but also this reeks of pandering for more fame.


Hennessy Teams With Scott Campbell For 2016 Artist Series Bottle

via Hennessy

NYC-based visual artist and owner of Saved Tattoo parlor in Brooklyn, Scott Campbell, teamed up with Hennessy VS for the sixth Very Special Limited edition bottle. The bottle is available at fine retailers nationwide and online starting today.

For the bottle design, Campbell emblazoned the quote "love without hesitation" in his signature ancient cursive script and replicated James Hennessy's own personal notes and drawings. The Limited Edition release is the sixth in an ongoing series between Hennessy V.S and internationally renowned artists (Shepard Fairey, KAWS, Ryan McGinness) celebrating the artist's drive to push the boundaries of their potential and continue their Wild Rabbit chase.


Jul 11, 2016


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