Jun 13

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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#OrlandoUnited: Here's How You Can Help

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As the names of the Pulse nightclub shooting victims begin to roll out, an official Pulse Victims Fund page has been set up by LGBT civil rights organization Equality Florida to support the victims and their families. Donate here.


If You Think The Pulse Shooting Was Not A Homophobic Crime, Delete Your Account


The journalist walked off UK's Live Sky after the show's host refused to accurately describe the shooting as an attack on LGBT people. During the segment, Owens noted that "At the end of the day, [the Pulse shooting] was a homophobic hate crime, as well as terrorism.” This triggered a back and forth between Owen and the hosts who called the attacks a crime against "human beings," prompting the journalist to walk off set.

Today Owen released an op-ed on his walk-off via The Guardian:
I walked off in disgust during a discussion about the massacre: it was an instinctive reaction to an unpleasant and untenable situation. The presenter continually and repeatedly refused to accept that this was an attack on LGBT people. This was an attack “against human beings”, he said, and “the freedom of all people to try to enjoy themselves”. He not only refused to accept it as an attack on LGBT people, but was increasingly agitated that I – as a gay man – would claim it as such."


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Sending Emoji-fied iMessages Just Got Easier

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At today's Apple Worldwide Developer Conference the tech giant revealed its iMessaging platform is (finally) getting an emoji-related update. Instead of having to scroll through the entire emoji keyboard to find the character that best describes your ~vibe~, now when users tap the keyboard button, the emoji(s) corresponding to the words in your message will be highlighted, allowing users to swap out text for emoji. (via: The Verge)


Adele Pays Tribute To Pulse Shooting Victims

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Duh, The Cast of "Hamilton" Slayed At The Tonys


Jun 13, 2016


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