Jan 26

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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President Obama Bans The Use Of Solitary Confinement For Juveniles

via: AP

On Monday, President Obama announced an executive order banning solitary confinement for juvenile prisoners. The Washington Post reports that, according to Obama, solitary confinement is "overused

and has the potential for devastating psychological consequences.”

Under his instruction, correction officials will be banned from punishing inmates who commit "low-level infractions" with confinement. There will also be a move to limit the time a prisoner can be punished with solitary to 60 days; it was initially set to 365 days.

This comes after an op-ed by Obama that ran in the Post, highlighting the dangers of solitary. He pointed out the case of Kalief Brown, a 22-year-old who commited suicide last year following his release for an alleged robbery that was never brought to trial. Brown, at just 16, spent two years in confinement while incarcerated in 2010. (via: Washington Post)


Kanye West Is Premiering 'SWISH' At Madison Square Garden

via: Instagram

Did you think that the release of Kanye West's highly anticipated album, "SWISH", would just release via his label like a normal artist? HAHAHAHAHAHAA

The album is set to premiere and live-stream in its entirety at Madison Square Garden on February 11. (RIGHT ON TIME FOR THE GRAMMYS, JUST SAYING!) While that's happening, in select theaters worldwide, fans of Yeezy's fashion can watch a simultaneously streamed showcase of the third Yeezy collection.

Tickets for the event will go via KanyeWest.com and Ticketmaster. Happy Yeezy SZN.


Look How Tricked Out The Subway Cars Of The ~*~*Future~*~ Are

via: Twitter

Semi-bad news: In the future, straphangers will never get a chance to escape an awkward/smelly/packed/sus subway car. The future subway car is revealed in a rendering released in the MTA's committee report, and apparently replacing sliding doors are "open gangways" - a continous passage throughout the train. NYC will likely see the first of wave of new cars in the next ten years, when the MTA begins testing the new lewk. (via: NYDN)


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