Oct 23

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Watch Adele Shut Down Lionel Richie In Epic "Hello" Mash Up

via Blend TV

That was fast. For anyone woke to Lionel Richie's music, Adele's "Hello" likely made you flashback to Richie's 1984 classic, "Hello" — and because the internet is a wonderful place some genius mashed the two phone-friendly tracks. Can we get that Adele x Richie remix, for real though? (Via: Blend TV)


Facebook Says Sorry For Killing Your Battery

via Smellmymobile

The new iOS update for the app will address the crazy battery drain Apple users have been experiencing. In a Facebook post, Engineering Manager Ari Grant noted the issue and essentially said "my bad" for temporarily messing up your battery life. (via: Facebook)


Your Addiction To Cheese Is Just As Bad As Crack

via Tumblr

Have you ever why questioned why it's damn near impossible to back away from the cheese plate after just one slice? According to a study from the University of Michigan, that's because cheese is just as addictive as drugs like crack. Cheese is processed with a protein called casein, which, when digested, releases actual opiates (called casomorphins) into the body. The LA Times writes that "

[Casomorphins] really play with the dopamine receptors and trigger that addictive element," similar to crack, hence the nickname "crack cheese". BRB going to grab a grilled cheese now. (Via: LAT)


Charlotte Free Is A Video Game In "Chanel Cruise" Short

via: Hunger TV, directed by Vicky Lawton


You Can Create Gifs On Instagram Now

Boomerang is a new standalone app developed by Instagram that allows users to record up to 15 seconds of footage, and turn them into GIFs that play forward, reverse and in a continuous loop. (via: Instagram)


Oct 23, 2015


Cassandra Alcide