Apr 26

Five events everyone will be talking about tonight.
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Latina Magazine's Click Bait Tactic Really Flopped


Adding to the flood of Beyoncé-related content is Latina's gallery highlighting the "8 Reasons We’re Crowning Beyoncé an Honorary Latina", which includes "She loves Selena too!" and "She traveled to Cuba, WEPA!". Oh.

So, not only did Latina appropriate Beyoncé by stripping of her identity based off some pretty vapid observations, it totally failed to link the pro-black messaging in Lemonade to its Afro-Latina audience—a community also typically erased from mainstream. Y'ALL. COULDA. MADE. HERSTORY.


Hillary Vows To Include SO MANY Women In Her Cabinet

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When asked at an MSNBC townhall whether Hillary Clinton indents to pull a Justin Trudeau by appointing multiple women to her Cabinet, the candidate confirmed that she intends to make 50% of her Cabinet female. "I am going to have a Cabinet that looks like America, and 50% of America is women,” she answered. Currently President Obama's Cabinet includes seven women and sixteen men. (Via: MSNBC)


An Artist Is Kickstarting Funds To Raise Money For A Pedestrian Bridge To Governors Island

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Currently the struggle trek to Governors Island involves taking a ferry, but artist Nancy Nowacek is attempting to turn her 40-year-old plan to erect a 1,440 foot floating pedestrian bridge into reality. Nowacekhas launched a Kickstarter campaign that'll connect Brooklyn to Governors Island, and in a day she's raised $7,721 of her $25k goal. (via: Kickstarter)


Another Becky Bites The Dust

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Azealia Banks Releases The Visuals To "The Big Big Beat"


Apr 26, 2016


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